UX design

Global redesign of the Printemps website
Facilitate information gathering & offer a seamless user experience

Context & role

Printemps is a French department store company that primarily focuses on fashion, luxury and beauty brands.

It’s a B2C website to support in-store business and build bridges with e-commerce. My role was to work on the UX part.

Research methods

Website Analytics    –   Customer Interviews   –   Card sorting   –   Market Research   –   Personas

Discovery & Definition

Realization of field surveys to find out more about users’ needs and collect insights on their use of the site.

Some use cases of users I met :
Accessing information related to the Printania account, find practical information, read the entire article seen in the newsletter, watch the news, check the presence of a brand at Printemps…

Some pain points I met :
Difficult to find a specific brand, no content personalization, lack of updated brand information, slow to load…

To understand the old site and its content, I ran a content audit listing all available information and features. Based on this, we collectively decided what to keep, what to kick and how content can be integrated into a more intuitive information architecture.


Problem statement

Difficulties to find relevant information

We made a Card sorting workshop to involve all stakeholders of the project and reals users.

Benefits of the workshop :
Card-sorting workshop revealed user logic in order to optimize the desired tree structure.
– The “Beauty services” have been identified as a separate group from store-related services.
– Gastronomic brands have been isolated from other brands by participants.

Joint development of the sitemap, taking into account the defined proto-personas and the respective solutions to their problems and motivations as well as the objectives of the organization.

Arborescence Printempsfrance

Building the website structure by creating low-fidelity wireframes first then high fidelity.

Validate how the user will interact with low-fidelity wireframes.
30 pages Mobile & Desktop seperated in 3 sprints
Validation with clients of all my design choices during meetings.


Structure website

Interviews with users had a real impact to identify website problems

I think developers were involved too late in the project, because we had to review some components. So, during internal workshops, it’s important to include all the team to brainstorm on several ideas and to be agreed on the final solution.