Agile is the way forward

I apply the double diamond technique to all my UX design sprints. I believe that research and testing are key in delivering a successful project for the user. From quick, hand drawn sketches to MVP prototypes, my process involves developing the best solution to identified pain points through an iterative approach.


Who i am ?
French Product Designer, attentive to collaborative design and how design helps to reply some business stakes.

I design digital and spatial interactions to make people’s journey more enjoyable by solving issues in a creative and pragmatic way.

My expertise

UX Audit
User Interview
User Test
Information Architecture
Persona & Scenario
User Flow
High fidelity Design
Design System
Interactive prototype
Design QA

My past experiences

June 2021 – Today
Doctolib – Product designer 

January 2020 – May 2021
Wynd – Product designer – Lead Chapter design system

September 2018 – January 2020
Adyax / Smile – UX Designer

February 2018 – July 2018
Deezer – Product designer (Internship)

February 2016 – July 2016
TheBrandNation – Art director (Internship)

2013 – 2018
IIM – Master “manager de la communication numérique”